Thursday, August 5, 2010

this poor little lady... {hawaii blogger}

this poor little lady took some heat for this article she wrote - and god forbid used the term "ghetto parenting," which got a bunch of peoples panties in a bunch. it's funny how the least ghetto of people get all nuts on behalf of ghetto people. i actually thought all the examples she gave were clearly *ghetto parenting*

Ghetto parenting is cursing around, and at, a child.

Ghetto parenting is brawling with your man or your woman in front of your child.

Ghetto parenting is letting your child roam the streets until somebody else's mother has to tell the child to go home.

Ghetto parenting is putting your child off on friends and relatives because you want to hang out in the street.

Ghetto parenting is getting so hooked on substances that the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has to remove your children and place them with strangers.
- Mary Mitchell

sounds about right to me.

i may or may not be guilty of ghetto parenting....

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