Friday, July 9, 2010

throughout my foster care... {hawaii foster care blog}

throughout my foster care experience i have had the pleasure of working with the best GAL's (guardian ad litem). They were interested in nothing but the best for our foster children. i am so blessed to have the same for Baby J.

on Wednesday i was furious with his birth mother for interfering with the healing of a wound. she didnt just do it once, twice or three times...and even after she was instructed not to touch it by his physician - SHE STILL DID. i think what got me more pissed off is - I COULDN'T stop it. i couldn't tell her not to touch my son - because he's not my son! it took days of documenting and reporting to his worker. Finally i made a call to his GAL to share my concern, and within 30 minutes she got approval to have all visits cancelled till court on Monday. i was so relieved to have him safe for the meantime.

we go to court on monday. CPS will report to the judge their intention to put him up for adoption. the birth mother will challenge and trial will be set for 3 months out. Keep us in your prayers...keep baby j in your prayers. he is so lucky to know and feel so much love from everyone.

till monday...