Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I was sitting at the park... {hawaii foster care blog}

I was sitting at the park with the kids. A lady started a conversation
with me about my kids not looking alike. I explained 2 were adopted.

She proceeded to have a 10 minute conversation with herself "I went to
one of them places to get me a baby but all they wanted to give me was
sick babies. I told the worker *i don't be needing sick babies* who
wants to take a sick baby home? I wanted me a well one. Why should I
have to suffer with a sick baby when it's not my fault it's all messed

At that point I politely said good bye. Unfortunately I failed to
mention to her that we ONLY take sick babies in our home.

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  1. wow. the things people say. the things people think. so glad there are people like you in the world with hearts open and willing to love, regardless.

  2. what nerve! sick or well...ALL babies derserve to be in a HAPPY home filled with LOTS of LOVE. two wonderful kiddos are fortunate to have found you to love them unconditionally!

  3. Good for you for "politely saying goodbye"(Although I would have loved to hear you describe the look on her face if you told her that you only take sick babies!)

  4. Ipo - right?!? people say the craziest things

    Adri - they are also lucky to have a family with a great support system with people like you!

    Mary - by that point i had been clenching my teeth for ten minutes and mouth could not produce sound - ha ha

  5. oh my word. Good gracious. So glad you did not waste another minute of your life listening to that!!