Monday, September 13, 2010

i never thought i'd be the... {hawaii Mom Blog}

i never thought i'd be the kind of mom who wore jewlery with their kids name on it (not that there's anything wrong with that), but i saw this great site that had stuff i actually liked. i was too afraid to get one with stormies name because i was scared that if we didnt get to adopt her i'd be stuck with a piece of jewlery with her name on it to make me sad. weak i know.

so when kaleb was born i ordered something from them - Heart on Your Wrist. I purchased a simple rectangle shape with his middle name and birth date. i also purchased a silver heart charm in place of a charm for stormie.

she's been adopted for almost a year now and i just got around to ordering her charm for my necklace, also her name and her birthdate.

i just love how simple they are, and the quality is GREAT. i have worn the heart and Kaleb's tag everyday for almost three years, not taking off for beach, swimming with sharks or hiking everest, and it still looks GREAT.

now if i could just muster up the courage to get one for baby j.


  1. How adorable is that! I would definitely wear jewelry with her name... Love it!

  2. I too would wear jewelry with their names. I want one. Maybe that's what I should get baby Maria for her birthday, jewelry with HER name on it for ME.

    Who is baby j? Tell me more.

  3. Ana - Thank you!

    Damaris - Baby J is our foster son. he is 1.5yrs and we've had him since he was 5 months. beautiful blue eyes. and eats like a linebacker

  4. so pretty, i love that.

    i know what you mean about not buying stuff like that until it is final...oh me of little faith

  5. I love that, too (and I'm not one for jewelry). And you never take it off? Even for the beach? For something not to fall apart in Hawaii-- that's amazing. I'm going to look into it.