Thursday, July 29, 2010

i needed to scan some... {hawaii Blogger}

i needed to scan some old photos i had before they start deteriorating. i came across this photo from 1994. the year i graduated from high school. the year i entered college. the year i moved thousands of miles away from my family to try my hand at being grown up.

i knew i wanted to go away to college since the day i turned 3. when i got to the airport i was holding strong. when they announced final boarding for my flight, i lost it. i remember sobbing and telling my mom i changed my mind. i didnt wanna go anymore. she assured me i did. she assured me all would be well. she assured me.

i think i called home everyday for the first year. and the surprising thing is. they answered the phone.

this photo is my family at the airport. dad (always with the jesus finger), sister, mom, and baby brother (who will be graduating from high school in may)

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