Monday, June 21, 2010

there are many times... {hawaii parenting blog}

there are many times when i made bad decisions, but in the case of choosing a baby daddy....i have to give myself some credit. i have chosen the perfect man to father my children. luckily he agreed and now the world is a better (sometimes not so better) place with my crazies.

he loves them with all his heart, and works his but off for them everyday, he prays for them, and shows them how to be good people - much like my own daddy.

i asked the kids why they love daddy and this is what they said.

Stormie (3) - "daddy sing me"

Kaleb (2) -"monster"

Baby J (1) - "dadadada" (in a cookie monster voice)

happy fathers day mikie (center). your totally rad. happy daddys day to my own daddy (Left) and Mikes Dad (right)

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