Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sometimes i wish we could {hawaii, blog}

sometimes i wish we could buy a big giant house. then mike and i could foster a million and one babies. our limit is one at a time right now but if we keep adopting them we wont have room for new ones. damn bleeding heart republicans. ha ha who am i kidding. repubicans dont have bleeding hearts.

anyway, with living in paradise - on one income - bigger is not possible right now. last i checked the low price of a single family home in hawaii was 600,000 (that's dollars, not peso's people). and that's cheap. thank you resession.

i do love my house that god gave me. it says ME all over it. books. pictures. kids. and my mike. i feel comfortable when i'm home. i love that my kids love their home. i love that my kids say *mommy our house?* *yes baby. our house*


  1. I love your beautiful home! If you ever win the millions, remember me, kay?! I'd be more than happy to take over..bwahaha=)

  2. Yay! Another blogger from Hawaii :-)...

    Can't wait to read more about your beautiful family.

  3. Thanks! Kass - i would love to bless your family, if i ever win the millions!

    Trace - Nice to meet you!!