Monday, June 7, 2010

i was remembering when... {hawaii family blog}

i was remembering when my dad and i attended a reception for Whittier College back in 1993. 19 of us had already been accepted but they had one more event to get you into choosing their college as your final choice. They had a dessert reception at the Outrigger Canoe Club - a place where people from my hometown go to work, never to play. and we were play. leave it to my dad to embarrass me.

at the end of the night there were several desserts left. no one ate. not even me...for god's sake eating might make me look dumb and then they would reconsider their decision to let me in! anyway back to my dad embarrassing father asked if he could take the left over desserts home! YES. HE. DID. i pretty much died right there in my new shoes.

or i can tell you about the time he had AT LEAST 10 cookies in his hand at the Yale reception. i can't wait to pull this stuff on my kids.

my dad may deny that he never did that...but if you KNOW my dad, you know i AIN'T lying!!

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