Monday, May 17, 2010

why is beyonce's song {hawaii parenting blog}

why is beyonces song the anthem of every toddler in the world? no really. if my kids (1,2,3 years old) even hear the beat, they start bobbing.

this song was on my mind lately because of the recent video on youtube and all over the internet. the video of five - 7 year old girls wearing lingerie and making moves that are usually performed by women on a stripper pole. i am not gonna post a link. because in my mind it's like distributing kiddie porn.

what were the parents thinking? i know what your saying...they weren't thinking. they are completely (ir)responsible for subjecting this harsh sexuality on to their CHILDREN and (even worse) putting it out there for the WORLD TO SEE. putting it out there for pedophiles to sit. watch and dream about! how dare they steal that innocence from their children!

here i sit. with a daughter of my own. her only mission in life (right now) is to master swimming underwater with her eyes open. the FARTHEST thing from my mind is giving her sexuality beyond her years....


  1. yup, "they weren't thinking"!!! i hated that video the moment i saw it. so sad for those girls...

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