Tuesday, May 25, 2010

just like new years in... {hawaii motherhood blog}

Just like new years in hawaii, if you haven't seen graduation in Hawaii then you haven't seen everything - it's unlike anything you will see in the mainland.

Yesterday my daughter finished her first year of preschool. They had a completion ceremony (not graduation because she goes back for one more year) and she was given several lei and gifts.

I asked that our family didn't go all out afterall she was just finishing a year of preschool. Graduation in Hawaii is over the top! As a matter of fact most people spend in the range of 10k-15k for a graduation party! Yes I typed that correctly! About the same cost as a small wedding. not to mention all the money that is spent on flower lei! people also make giant photo banners to hold up for the graduate, after the ceremony, so his/her friends know where to find them in the crowd of thousands.

i am so proud of my stormie girl. she worked so hard this year. and i am so thankful to her amazing teachers and therapists for keep their expectations high.


  1. congratulations stormie! :) and yup! graduations and graduation parties in hawaii is definitely one of a kind. it is one heck of a festive moment and i love it! :)

  2. this post really made me miss hawaii.

  3. Wow that is so fabulous!! I love how decked out she is in inflatable swim rings and cotton candy, so awesome! It looks like so much fun!!