Tuesday, May 25, 2010

just like new years in... {hawaii motherhood blog}

Just like new years in hawaii, if you haven't seen graduation in Hawaii then you haven't seen everything - it's unlike anything you will see in the mainland.

Yesterday my daughter finished her first year of preschool. They had a completion ceremony (not graduation because she goes back for one more year) and she was given several lei and gifts.

I asked that our family didn't go all out afterall she was just finishing a year of preschool. Graduation in Hawaii is over the top! As a matter of fact most people spend in the range of 10k-15k for a graduation party! Yes I typed that correctly! About the same cost as a small wedding. not to mention all the money that is spent on flower lei! people also make giant photo banners to hold up for the graduate, after the ceremony, so his/her friends know where to find them in the crowd of thousands.

i am so proud of my stormie girl. she worked so hard this year. and i am so thankful to her amazing teachers and therapists for keep their expectations high.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i really need to learn... {hawaii foster care blog}

i really need to learn to stop placing limits on the number of miracles god can do for me. as expressed earlier , i was disappointed with the courts deciding to move forward with unsupervised visits and the process to transition our foster son back to his birth mother. after much begging of the G-O-D to intervene, he did. god did. god provided us with a much needed bump in the road.

lesson learned. an atmosphere of expectations is a breeding ground for miracles. i expect a miracle.

Monday, May 17, 2010

why is beyonce's song {hawaii parenting blog}

why is beyonces song the anthem of every toddler in the world? no really. if my kids (1,2,3 years old) even hear the beat, they start bobbing.

this song was on my mind lately because of the recent video on youtube and all over the internet. the video of five - 7 year old girls wearing lingerie and making moves that are usually performed by women on a stripper pole. i am not gonna post a link. because in my mind it's like distributing kiddie porn.

what were the parents thinking? i know what your saying...they weren't thinking. they are completely (ir)responsible for subjecting this harsh sexuality on to their CHILDREN and (even worse) putting it out there for the WORLD TO SEE. putting it out there for pedophiles to sit. watch and dream about! how dare they steal that innocence from their children!

here i sit. with a daughter of my own. her only mission in life (right now) is to master swimming underwater with her eyes open. the FARTHEST thing from my mind is giving her sexuality beyond her years....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

this little princess... {hawaii photography blog}

this little princess turned 1 on Sunday. it was a joyous occasion, but at the same time sad that her mommy couldn't be there. Mommy is serving her country overseas and was lucky enough to join us via skype. good thing she has a wonderful daddy here to spoil her rotten. to all the soldiers that give up time with their own families - i thank you. we thank you.

Monday, May 10, 2010

i know so many great... {hawaii motherhood blog}

i know so many great mothers it would be hard to recognize them all individually. BUT i do need to say thank you to two special ladies.

my mommy. the woman who told me i couldn't go out because she trusted me but not the devil.

my mother in law. the woman who put me through a rigorous hazing process in order to marry her boy.

i love you both. keep teaching me, keep slapping me on the hand when needed, and keep being the best Tūtū (grandma for my mainland readers) EVER!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

i was reading through... {hawaii foster care blog}

I was reading through my last few blogs about baby j and I seriously sound like a schizo. one minutes I'm like I trust god - kumbaya - and the next minute I am looking for someone to complete a hit for me!!

the truth is I do trust god but I'm human. Being human causes me to think evil things.

We have a few months left before he leaves our care... in the mean time I'm praying for a devine intervention

As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible and trust God with the impossible.
- Ruth Bell Graham

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a little man named... {hawaii photography blog}

a little man named nacho stole my heart this weekend. we managed to get a few good photos after he was in a milk coma. thank you medrano ohana for always allowing me to practice on you.