Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i was sad to read... {hawaii foster care blog}

i was sad to read that Healthy Start is on the verge of losing their funding, and will no longer act as a safety net for hawaiis children.

i know i mentioned him before, but he's worth talking about again - I had a foster son, baby m. i believe whole heartedly that baby m would have died if it were not for healthy start. healthy start workers discovered him living with his homeless mother, on a beach. skin so dried it resembled a snake. at 14 months he barely weighed 14 pounds. no function to crawl, or sit. barely a voice to cry with.

now he is a growing, smart, strong, 4 year old. thriving because there are programs in place to save children that can't save themselves.

Right now in our state the house has proposed a budget that would DEVASTATE many DHS programs and contacts. i am asking that you email Representative Marcus Oshiro (email: and Senator Donna Mercado Kim (email: by Wednesday, April 7th. Please help to protect and nurture our children. Below is a sample letter you may send.

Your Name



Dear Representative Oshiro
I would like to take this opportunity to respectfully request that the Legislature adopt the Governor’s budget in its original form for DHS. Please allow DHS to access and spend the Federal monies and support the contracts to sustain the critical services for our families, children and communities.
Thank you for your attention to the concern of providing critical services supporting children and families in Hawaii.


(Your Name)