Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a friend of mine lost... {hawaii foster care blog}

A friend of mine lost her mom this past weekend. i had been wanting a scripture to share with her to give her comfort - when really - god was speaking to me and i was comforting myself.

"I have heard your prayers I have seen your tears; surely I will heal you". (2 kings 20:5)

After i read it twice it made sob like a baby...as i was feeling uncertain about the upcoming trial for baby J. so i am praying.

dear god

i know i always say if you help me with this one thing i wont ask for anything again...well - here i am. asking for just ONE more thing *wink wink*

on Thursday, Judge Karen M. Radius will make a decision that will either have us gaining a son or losing a son. i will be one devastated little lady if i have to send him away.

i trust no one. you know that. i have issues. but. i place all my trust in you.


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