Monday, March 22, 2010

today is my daddy's... {hawaii blog}

today is my daddy's birthday. i know he reads my blog so i wanted him to read this.

dad. i love you. i dont tell you enough, but you make sure to tell me all the time. thank you for shaping my heart daily. thank you for cooking for me when i'm sick. thank you for creating us to be servants even when i was mad at you for making me wash cars. thank you for showing unconditional love to my kids. thank you for getting me hooked on q-tips. thank you for walking the walk - not just talking the talk.

i couldn't have asked god to send me a better father.

Happy 29th Birthday. again.

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  1. Sonya, this "love blog" to your dad just totally made me cry. It's so sweet without being sticky's just so truly written that it's beautiful and darn you for making me shed my own tears!!!