Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stormie and i attended our first... {hawaii adoption blog}

Stormie and i attended our first Foster/Adoption Support group with Family Programs Hawaii. They had us do a family activity of making sushi with a few social work students from Japan. Stormie was very into it...and so was her stomach!

The group discussion was about integrating the culture of your foster/adopted child into your own. this is where i have a hard time. Between mike and i, we are Hawaiian, Irish, Filipino, and Hispanic. Stormie and Baby J are Caucasian. Their family is from Mississippi. i dont wanna sound stupid or like i'm making fun of caucasians, but i don't know what i would teach her about them.

She honestly thinks she's a Hawaiian girl, and by all accounts she's right, she was born here, and will be raised here, in a hawaiian family, with Hawaiian values and traditions.

But how do i start to intertwine her roots with ours?


  1. Read this awhile back but got interrupted before I got a chance to comment. What a great question! Adoption literature always seems to assume it will be minority children adopted by caucasian families, not the other way around, but of course that isn't always the way it is. You should fill the void in the literature and write about this! Start with an article for Adoptive Families maybe. Or at least start a discussion or two on online forums.

  2. that is a great idea!! i am gonna post on some adoption forums and get feedback on what other do in my on the look out for more!

  3. How old is Stormie?

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