Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the kids were taking.... {hawaii parenting blogger}

the kids were taking a bath the other day and Stormie referred to her private part as a *triangle* and referred to her brothers parts as a *circle*. i am trying to gather names for private parts. WAIT. let me restate that. Mike and i dont know what to call the kids private parts. does that make sense? When growing up we referred to the male anatomy as a "thing" ha ha. for girls we called it - wait for it - - - - - - "front butt" that. is. hilarious.

what do you call them in your house?
right now i'm leaning towards *private* for girl parts and *peepee* for boy parts.
did i really need a whole blog post towards this? i think so.


  1. well as I have two boys I haven't had to cross the bridge of the female part yet all the boys know is that boys have peepees and girls don't.

  2. So funny! My son calls it his wee wee. But he called it that before he came to us so I don't know if that the word I would have picked :)

  3. This would be a great discussion for Hawaii Moms Like Me. Love your blog.