Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i hate when something... {hawaii adoption blog}

i hate when something reminds you to be a better person. like i know what i should be doing...but god - why am i not doing it then?

I still have contact with the birthmother of my Daughter...she still has supervised visits with baby J...we have a weird relationship. i mean that's the only word that really does it justice. i need her. she needs me. yet we'd prefer if we were in each others lives. sometimes she drives me nuts. really.

i was reading a posting from Justin Taylor - Between Two Worlds called Thinking About - and Loving Birthmothers.

“It is very easy for us to get wrapped up in ourselves, in our own story and to forget that there is a birthmother who is hurting, who is created in the image of God and who wants the best for this child,” he said. “She is not choosing abortion, she is choosing life.”

he pretty much just read my mail. everything. i often forget that she is suffering. i even often forget she is human. with human feelings. i forget what trauma she has experienced. the same trauma that leaves her incapable of raising children.

thanks for the reminder Justin Taylor.