Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i am sure there will be... {hawaii foster care blogger}

i am sure there will be some backlash coming my way, as i confess to agreeing with this program, so with that said i welcome ALL thoughts and opinions. i am sure it won't be the last time we disagree on something.

there is a program visiting hawaii right now that pays addicts to get long term birth control instered. and yes. i think it's a great program. Operation Prevention was actually created to prevent children from being born addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. The our daughter was born to an addict mother. a women who has 5 children - all exposed, all removed, all scarred. To see our daughters 6lb body shaking and screaming for drugs - for weeks on end - is an image i will never loose. Our daughter has seen multiple therapist since birth and continues till today. She has challenges and delays that will follow her for the rest of her life. All of our time, money, and love can't remove those factors from her life, but she has been given great coping skills and affection. Unfortunately, not all drug exposed children get the help they need.

drug exposed infants are a preventable problem. i encourage you to take a look at their website. i also encourage you to leave your feedback - even if we dont agree.