Thursday, March 4, 2010

the other day my friends... {hawaii blogger}

the other day my friends and i got some bad news that a website we love will be closing. HawaiiMomsLikeMe - The website I love and am addicted to will be closing its service to hawaii moms.
As the website would say *it's where hawaii mom's meet* and it's so true! i joined this site about a year and a half ago and it hasn't been the same since. you know why i'm addicted? because the mommies on there know me. they are just like me. tired. stressed. looking for ways to not screw up your children too bad. trying to find the best way to scare the monsters out of the closet. wondering if your fat ever goes back to its original spot after you have a baby. that kinda mama.

This site has helped me be a better me. helped me to be a better parent. wife. friend. activist. foster parent. sister. better me.

I would have never met my friend Kassandra if it wasn't for HawaiiMomsLikeMe. I can't imagine not knowing her and her beautiful family or my many other mommy friends for that matter. isn't she pretty? and yes - i couldn't resist taking a photo of her kids feet...i just love kiddy feet photos...65 year old man feet photos - not so much.


  1. That's too bad, it looks like a great community to be part of!

  2. Heard about this sad news too! :( Just when I am looking forward to learning more and meeting other moms when I can go out more often with Ben already... :<

  3. awww love those pics!!! Yes Kassandra is SO beautiful =)

    Don't get too sad yet, we haven't lost her yet...still got some fighting to do ;-)