Tuesday, February 23, 2010

last night i watched...

last night i watched the buried life on MTV. I know...it's pretty sad how boring our life is.... Anyhow...the movies question is "what would you want to do before you die?" In your mind there is a place where all of our dreams go....the ones you never made happen - the dream graveyard. We have all had dreams that we either chickened out on, or made an excuse as to why we couldnt make it happen. OH COME ON...I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. so here are a few of the dreams i found in my GRAVEYARD of DREAMS, i'll let you know when i knock one off the list. 1) to start a free library 2) to be a big sister (w/Bg Bro's Bg Sis) 3) to start a PreSchool - for special children 4) to be a mother of 6 5) to have lunch with the homeless once a week 6) to give up everything for michael and i to start a shelter in africa 7) to start a school for homeless children 8) to organize a community redevelopment program for the leeward coast 9) run for office I think i will stop, as if this list gets any longer I may begin to wonder "what have i accomplished?"

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