Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i'm realizing that i'm old.... {hawaii blogger}

i'm realizing that i'm's a harsh realization. it really is. especially when you have 3 little ones who want you to be young and energetic. eventually they will want me to be hip. am i really gonna be able to pull off hip in my 40's. i'm not even pulling hip off in my 30's.

i'm realizing i'm old because

- all the trends when i was a kid are making their way back
- there are way too many gray hair to pull out. it now needs serious dye
- mike and i look forward to 60 minutes on sunday
- i can't nail the single ladies dance as well as my 3yr old
- if we eat dinner after 5 we're starving
- i can't stand todays music
- think people born in the 80's are kids