Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the boys and i.... {hawaii motherhood blog}

the boys and i were taking a drive today, so i thought i'd give the radio a chance to entertain us!

BOY WAS THAT A MISTAKE! Good thing their not old enough to actually understand the words because that would not have been good. As soon as i turned it on i heard the words....

"just need your body to make - Birthday Sex"

AAAAHHHH!!! i'm sorry. i know some of you may listen to that. but why.

i can't imagine any parent listening to that rubbish with children in their car, but yet i know they exist. why wouldn't you chose music that teaches. speaks to their soul. or makes them grow.


  1. Lol! I agree, when I first heard that song I was like really?!?!? Did we run out of things to write about???

    BTW I love your blog and you are totally inspiring me to get back to blogging family (not to mention photography!) Love ya!