Friday, February 26, 2010

ok god.... {hawaii motherhood blog}

ok god....i'm ready to have another's been 2 long years waiting to conceive another....if you could just send along one more...i won't ask for anything again *right*

Thursday, February 25, 2010

my new find {hawaii mommy blog}

my new find. ok maybe you already discovered it, but it's new to me. These awesome bubbles called Squeeze and Blow!! SO COOL! Now you don't have to get your hands all soapy! You simply squeeze the bottle...up comes the bubble wand and you blow...
Too cool....thank you genius person for making this cool invention.
*i purchased these at Target for $1.89*

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

last night i watched...

last night i watched the buried life on MTV. I's pretty sad how boring our life is.... Anyhow...the movies question is "what would you want to do before you die?" In your mind there is a place where all of our dreams go....the ones you never made happen - the dream graveyard. We have all had dreams that we either chickened out on, or made an excuse as to why we couldnt make it happen. OH COME ON...I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. so here are a few of the dreams i found in my GRAVEYARD of DREAMS, i'll let you know when i knock one off the list. 1) to start a free library 2) to be a big sister (w/Bg Bro's Bg Sis) 3) to start a PreSchool - for special children 4) to be a mother of 6 5) to have lunch with the homeless once a week 6) to give up everything for michael and i to start a shelter in africa 7) to start a school for homeless children 8) to organize a community redevelopment program for the leeward coast 9) run for office I think i will stop, as if this list gets any longer I may begin to wonder "what have i accomplished?"

Monday, February 22, 2010

guess what i got today? {hawaii christian blog}

Guess what i got today? well about a week ago i was reading another blog and she was encouraging every one to visit and sign up for a free bible. So i did. I really didn't think i'd get one BUT look at this!!!

Once again the address is - -it's so pretty and pink and FREE! They are still available because i just signed up for my sister!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

today i knew i was... {hawaii motherhood blog}

today i knew i was doing something right...

Storm and i were watching my favorite show - 19 kids and counting. they showed their newest daughter (born at 1.5lbs). She was hooked up to all kids of tubes, wires, and machines...

Stormie said "mommy, baby has boo boo owie?"

me - "yes stormie. baby has boo boo owie."

Stormie - "me pray for baby owie."

immediately i started tearing. i'm tearing as i right this. to know that she gets it. to know that she learns to love. we all want our kids to be kind and loving. and i just get a great big warm feeling in me when i realize i just might be doing something right. just maybe.

i figured since i have... {hawaii foster care blog}

i figured since i have 5 readers i would put this out there....

please join me in prayer today for our dear foster son Baby J. i posted when the trial was beginning and today it comes to an end.

please pray that all involved will make the best decision for this precious baby.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the boys and i.... {hawaii motherhood blog}

the boys and i were taking a drive today, so i thought i'd give the radio a chance to entertain us!

BOY WAS THAT A MISTAKE! Good thing their not old enough to actually understand the words because that would not have been good. As soon as i turned it on i heard the words....

"just need your body to make - Birthday Sex"

AAAAHHHH!!! i'm sorry. i know some of you may listen to that. but why.

i can't imagine any parent listening to that rubbish with children in their car, but yet i know they exist. why wouldn't you chose music that teaches. speaks to their soul. or makes them grow.

Monday, February 15, 2010

something you dont know about me {hawaii blogger}

something you dont know about me is...i was banned from the white house. I was also on a White House watch list.

you see, i like to write. and if i disagree with you - bill clinton - i am gonna tell email, letter, skywriting planes....

i apparently wrote him ONE too many times and the FBI didn't like it. to celebrate this momentous occasion, a friend of mine (who works for a senator) thought it was so funny that he bought me the book Letters From A Nut.

can you believe they actually granted me a department of defense top secret clearance?

don't be surprised if you receive a letter from me...a letter from a nut

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

one thing i never get wrong.... {hawaii blogger}

one thing i never get wrong is the use of don't VS doesn't - ever since the 4th grade that is...

You see in the 4th grade we moved to sacramento, california. i was bussed from the hood down to the nice part for school...and my ghetto lingo and incorrect english was no good there...

i would always use sentences such as "no she don't" and in unison i would hear the entire school reply in correction "no she doesn't" SHUT IT SNOBS!

so i'm traumatized. thanks Bret Harte Elementary School. i haven't been the same since. here is some artwork i made for you.

Monday, February 8, 2010

25 random facts about me {hawaii blogger}

ok i am cheating today and posting something i wrote for FaceBook - 25 random facts about me!!

1. the first time I smoked a cigarette was in college. I think I almost choked to death…which I took as a sign that jesus was trying to kill me.

2. The first time I tasted beer was in college (thanks Mike). I thought it tasted like Frito’s.

3. I have a scary addiction to q-tips

4. I have several boyfriends…..Duke Aiona, GW, and Jack Johnson….

5. I think my kids are the cutest and smartest and all others are not – except when Stormie was born she looked like a transparent lizard.

6. I love to debate…some people may call it argue. I get it from my dad.

7. I have the memory of an elephant…which makes up for the husband god gave me – sometimes he can’t remember who I am.

8. I never wanted children. I wrote mike a 16 page picture book on why children would ruin us…and now look - we're ruined.

9. I hate when people make excuses….i really don’t have patience for stupid lazy people…how in the hell did I get a degree in social work

10. I am THE one person that proudly didn’t vote for Barak Obama

11. I hate cats…the word cats immediately send a vision of white, trailer, smokers that believe in aliens. See what the media has led me to believe.

12. I know for certain that David Blaine is on loan to the earth from the devil himself.

13. I tell my husband I hate the way he dances, but something about the way he throws the fish line at me and makes me “swim in” gets me. He’s lucky I’m easy.

14. I am a quiet person unless I like you then I will talk to you like crazy. I only let people I like see the true me, everyone else gets the quiet, subdued version. I do this, because I don't trust people.

15. I love my family…well just my immediate family. Everyone else is just OK.

16. I yell at my husband in my sleep and don’t remember…or so I say

17. I’ve never seen Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, or Star Wars…within the last few years I did see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

18. When I was younger I loved Paula Abdual. I would even drink diet coke because she was in the commercial…even though I hated the taste.

19. My husband is the only person that I actually enjoy being around on a daily basis. No offense to everyone else, but I prefer most people in small doses. That’s how I knew Mike was the one for me; he was the only one I could stand to be around all of the time

20. I wonder who I’d be if I never found my parents.

21. I think people who abuse children should be killed on the spot.

22. I’m stubborn as a mule…don’t tell me to do something….don’t try to make me do something….i like to call it strong willed. (and I wonder where my daughter gets it)

23. I want to invent a Laundry Bar in a college town…but I can’t get my dad (Pastor Al) on board. If I had a laundry bar in college I would never have had dirty clothes.

24. Once our last kid turns 18 Mike and I are off to Africa to find some other kids who need us.

25. I am thankful for a god who loves me just the way I am – perfect….ha ha ha

Thursday, February 4, 2010

so this might sound a little.... {hawaii Blogger}

so this might sound a little alcoholish, but it's really not! My sister is having a super bowl party this weekend and needed to perfect her margarita i HAD to help her - i mean - what kind of a sister would i be to turn her down?!? So she blended and i sipped. really. i sipped. even the kids had some - VIRGIN of course. how come no one told me how good margaritas were? i've been missing out this whole time! YummY - and Oh yeah - it was good to have some SISTER time.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i'm realizing that i'm old.... {hawaii blogger}

i'm realizing that i'm's a harsh realization. it really is. especially when you have 3 little ones who want you to be young and energetic. eventually they will want me to be hip. am i really gonna be able to pull off hip in my 40's. i'm not even pulling hip off in my 30's.

i'm realizing i'm old because

- all the trends when i was a kid are making their way back
- there are way too many gray hair to pull out. it now needs serious dye
- mike and i look forward to 60 minutes on sunday
- i can't nail the single ladies dance as well as my 3yr old
- if we eat dinner after 5 we're starving
- i can't stand todays music
- think people born in the 80's are kids

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

last night i was watching Larry King... {hawaii adoption blog}

last night i was watching Larry King and T-Boz was on talking about her wish to adpot a hatian child. AND THEN that's when i got mad. you see the thing is there are about 120,000 African American children in foster care right here in the United States...that's RIGHT here, in her own back yard...children lacking love. family. hope.

was this all for publicity? i dont know...i mean, i haven't seen her in years and all of a sudden she's proclaiming she wants to save a child on Larry King.

I am not against International adoptions by any means. BUT if it's your true hope to save a child of african decent from distress then take a look around you...there are THOUSANDS to be saved.