Thursday, January 21, 2010

thank god - i can never... {hawaii christian blogger}

Thank god - i can never out sin the grace of god.

sometimes my kids do things that make me irritate me. sometimes my husband does things that make me sin - like irritate me. sometime people driving around me do things to make me sin - like irritate me. sometimes my dad does things to make me sin - like irritate me.

so i have to ask forgiveness, from them and from god.

i grew up in a church that made it nearly impossible to be a good christian. i never felt that offering god my best was good enough. he wanted perfection, or so i was told...and i just couldn't do perfection. when i was 10 years old i remember asking god for forgiveness of something i did and i remember thinking...i am probably the one person in the world who asks forgiveness 100 times a this rate i may not be making it to heaven.

many many years later i discovered god didnt want me perfect, in fact he knew all along i wasn't perfect - he wanted me. me the screw up. me the imperfect mommy. me the sinner. me the driver with road rage. me the failure. me. just me.