Saturday, January 2, 2010

if you haven't celebrated.... {hawaii lifestyle blog}

if you haven't celebrated new years in hawaii, then you've never seen new years the way it was meant to be. It turns our tiny state into a war zone...where your neighbor (who is a mailman my day) is a pyrotechnic by night. new years in hawaii is so bad that the American Lung Association sets up "Safe Havens" for people with asthma. as a matter of fact, as i am typing this, there is still the sound of ariels exploding, that can be heard.

I came across this video to give you a glimpse of a hawaii new years.....New Years Eve 2009

one of my most consistent memories of new years as a kid is waking up to find black buggers in my nose...a sign of lots of fun...and lots of smoke!

**New Years Eve also brought a Blue Moon...but too much smoke and clouds stopped us from having a good view**