Monday, February 8, 2010

25 random facts about me {hawaii blogger}

ok i am cheating today and posting something i wrote for FaceBook - 25 random facts about me!!

1. the first time I smoked a cigarette was in college. I think I almost choked to death…which I took as a sign that jesus was trying to kill me.

2. The first time I tasted beer was in college (thanks Mike). I thought it tasted like Frito’s.

3. I have a scary addiction to q-tips

4. I have several boyfriends…..Duke Aiona, GW, and Jack Johnson….

5. I think my kids are the cutest and smartest and all others are not – except when Stormie was born she looked like a transparent lizard.

6. I love to debate…some people may call it argue. I get it from my dad.

7. I have the memory of an elephant…which makes up for the husband god gave me – sometimes he can’t remember who I am.

8. I never wanted children. I wrote mike a 16 page picture book on why children would ruin us…and now look - we're ruined.

9. I hate when people make excuses….i really don’t have patience for stupid lazy people…how in the hell did I get a degree in social work

10. I am THE one person that proudly didn’t vote for Barak Obama

11. I hate cats…the word cats immediately send a vision of white, trailer, smokers that believe in aliens. See what the media has led me to believe.

12. I know for certain that David Blaine is on loan to the earth from the devil himself.

13. I tell my husband I hate the way he dances, but something about the way he throws the fish line at me and makes me “swim in” gets me. He’s lucky I’m easy.

14. I am a quiet person unless I like you then I will talk to you like crazy. I only let people I like see the true me, everyone else gets the quiet, subdued version. I do this, because I don't trust people.

15. I love my family…well just my immediate family. Everyone else is just OK.

16. I yell at my husband in my sleep and don’t remember…or so I say

17. I’ve never seen Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, or Star Wars…within the last few years I did see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

18. When I was younger I loved Paula Abdual. I would even drink diet coke because she was in the commercial…even though I hated the taste.

19. My husband is the only person that I actually enjoy being around on a daily basis. No offense to everyone else, but I prefer most people in small doses. That’s how I knew Mike was the one for me; he was the only one I could stand to be around all of the time

20. I wonder who I’d be if I never found my parents.

21. I think people who abuse children should be killed on the spot.

22. I’m stubborn as a mule…don’t tell me to do something….don’t try to make me do something….i like to call it strong willed. (and I wonder where my daughter gets it)

23. I want to invent a Laundry Bar in a college town…but I can’t get my dad (Pastor Al) on board. If I had a laundry bar in college I would never have had dirty clothes.

24. Once our last kid turns 18 Mike and I are off to Africa to find some other kids who need us.

25. I am thankful for a god who loves me just the way I am – perfect….ha ha ha


  1. So funny Sonya =) Love it! ~Summer

  2. very funny! nice post! esp. #8. "we're ruined" LOL :D