Sunday, January 31, 2010

thankful in january {hawaii gratitude blog}

thankful in january for....

1. Baby J remaining in our home

2. family time in makaha

3. my dad's cooking ability

4. my van - yes people i am thankful for the mom mobile

5. seeing another year

6. our family trip around the island

7. Easter Seals

8. my mommy friends that encourage me when i suck as a mom

9. DVR

Thursday, January 28, 2010

on Jan 17th, 2008 my heart was broken.... {hawaii motherhood blog}

on Jan 17th, 2008 my heart was broken, there really is no other way to say it. on Jan 17th 1.5 yr old Cyrus Belt was thrown off a bridge and on to the freeway, by a meth addict. for well over three months every time i drove by the spot i cried. It's funny how i felt immediate guilt about what happened. i felt i could have done something, or didnt do enough. i felt like i could have saved him, not like great white hope save, but SAFE him....keep him safe, shelter him. An incident occurred earlier that day that could have landed him in foster care...he could have been safe. but god had different plans for him. speaking of god. it's really hard to not go straight to the "why did got allow this?" i did. i still dont know why god allowed this to happen...he never told me.

the reason this is on my mind is because the trial is happening right now. every time i see the killer i wonder how is he still here and that innocent child is not. this is when i am sad hawaii doesn't have the death penalty. why are we even wasting our time and money on this trial.

i could never be a lawyer. i dont believe everyone has the right to a fair trial. i think some people should just be beheaded on the spot. that's just me.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my friend paula got me addicted... {hawaii blogger}

my friend paula got me addicted to the Maxwell House Vanilla Caramel Latte. It is SO yummy!! i especially how it foams on top when you stir it. i like making it with half milk half makes it a bit richer - i say you go buy some. now. except if your on a budget - at Safeway this little can was $6.48, if you can buy at the commissary it's only $2.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

when we decided to do foster care... {hawaii foster care blog}

when we decided to do foster care for infants, one of the first questions i asked was...."what do i refer to myself as - mommy, ms. sarmiento, auntie?" The director of the program told me, for the sake of not wanting to get too attached to the baby, i should refer to myself as auntie. When we brought home our first foster daughter she was just 10 says old...i didnt refer to myself as anything for the first few days....then one day as i was looking at her i blurted out "mommy loves you." i shocked my self, but by no means did i feel like her auntie. i loved her like a daughter.

whether i would be her "forever mother" was questionable, but while she was in my home, i was her mommy. she knew nothing else. all she knew is that every little need she had was met. all she knew was that she had a million people who loved her.

she deserved to have a mother. she deserved to not be involved in the drama called foster care.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

thank god - i can never... {hawaii christian blogger}

Thank god - i can never out sin the grace of god.

sometimes my kids do things that make me irritate me. sometimes my husband does things that make me sin - like irritate me. sometime people driving around me do things to make me sin - like irritate me. sometimes my dad does things to make me sin - like irritate me.

so i have to ask forgiveness, from them and from god.

i grew up in a church that made it nearly impossible to be a good christian. i never felt that offering god my best was good enough. he wanted perfection, or so i was told...and i just couldn't do perfection. when i was 10 years old i remember asking god for forgiveness of something i did and i remember thinking...i am probably the one person in the world who asks forgiveness 100 times a this rate i may not be making it to heaven.

many many years later i discovered god didnt want me perfect, in fact he knew all along i wasn't perfect - he wanted me. me the screw up. me the imperfect mommy. me the sinner. me the driver with road rage. me the failure. me. just me.

the thing i'm obsessed with... {hawaii blogger}

the thing i'm obsessed with right now is.....Kirkland Salt and Pepper Pistachios!!!

These things are SO good..they have just enough salt (My Fave) and enough pepper to make them a bit spicy...i think you need to try you get addicted too.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

brothers and sisters.... {hawaii childrens photographer}

recently, i took some photo's of the Marquina family...their kids are all beautiful. I loved how their daughter would light up around her brothers....

my sister vanessa is fun and hilarious...she is so herself....i wish i could steal that from her.

my brother solomon is a business man and a critical thinker...he's never done anything in his life for free...i wish i had thought of that.

Friday, January 15, 2010

i am thankful for.... {hawaii infant photographer}

I am thankful for my friend SFC C. today she will leave for a 6 month deployment. i know she is sad. she has to leave her husband and infant daughter. the strength, vigilance, and courage soldiers have always amazes me. and she is no exception.

I once heard someone ask a soldier why they became a soldier....

his response was: "for my family. i put the uniform on so they dont have to."

SFC C, thank you for wearing the uniform so i can continue to have every freedom in the world. Thank you for wearing the uniform so that i could spend the day with my kids. thank you for wearing the uniform so i my state my opinion whenever i want. thank you for wearing the uniform so i can live in peace.

below is a photo of SFC C's daughter, a few days after birth.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

today i am praying for.... {hawaii foster care blog}

today i am praying for a miracle. Our dear baby J has a court hearing on Friday....anything can happen....he can be ordered to leave our home, OR he can be ordered to stay forever.....(or a million things in between)

this is the 100th time we've said this prayer for the same kind of situation, yet i still get a sick scared feeling every time. To not have any control over a little person you are in love with - it hurts. deep.

with all my kids, my spiritual - holier then thou self - just prays that god's will be done....but my human - i am a selfish mother self - prays that i will get to keep him...and call him mine.

Monday, January 11, 2010

the time has come {Hawaii mom Blog}

the time has come for a mini van! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! - i am going kicking and screaming!! BUT i am going....i finally gave in and put my family's needs before mine. We purchased a mini van's a silver Toyota Sienna. It's a used 2006 - but it came from a couple with no children, needless to say, it's in excellent condition! My kids will take care of that real quick. With three small kiddies (3yr, 2yr, 8 mon) and another on the way - JUST KIDDING - a van is just what we need. so...i am really an old unhip, no hair brushing, non ironing, been wearing the same clothes for 4 years mommy. i just lost all my cool points.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

dear natalie {hawaii blogger}

Dear Natalie
today you lost your son...... and i feel terrible that i have nothing to say that can make you feel better...i know that the heavenly father has a host of angels surrounding you...holding you you strength and giving you breath when you can't breathe on your own. You are an amazing woman of faith.
what a great honor you had to give life to such a beautiful boy...Draw your family close and know that God will take you through this journey.

Gavin David Bruce Norton
October 24, 2009-January 7, 2010

Hawaii Photographer Natalie Norton lost her son this morning....please stop by her blog and leave your prayers and condolences for her ohana.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

just because... {hawaii maternity photography}

just because i like babies, love, motherhood, pregnancy.....and pictures - here's a picture that has everything!

Monday, January 4, 2010

stupendous bastard {hawaii motherhood blog}

i still think it's funny when my kids say things they shouldn't - like zip it, shut it, bastard, freak, name a few...
but as my kids become older (3yrs, 2yrs, 8mo,) i am finding i really should buckle down on controlling my language. Do you have any idea how hard that's gonna be...that's how stupendous bastard came to be...might as well teach them some vocabulary along with the cursing.

2 examples....

today as we were waiting to make a right turn into a store parking lot...there was a chunky man walking across...i said "hurry fats" and my lovely daughter followed suite with "hurry fats"

later that evening, i had spilled something and said "oh crap" and Kaleb repeated "oh cap" bad mommy.

what a dirty mouth.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

if you haven't celebrated.... {hawaii lifestyle blog}

if you haven't celebrated new years in hawaii, then you've never seen new years the way it was meant to be. It turns our tiny state into a war zone...where your neighbor (who is a mailman my day) is a pyrotechnic by night. new years in hawaii is so bad that the American Lung Association sets up "Safe Havens" for people with asthma. as a matter of fact, as i am typing this, there is still the sound of ariels exploding, that can be heard.

I came across this video to give you a glimpse of a hawaii new years.....New Years Eve 2009

one of my most consistent memories of new years as a kid is waking up to find black buggers in my nose...a sign of lots of fun...and lots of smoke!

**New Years Eve also brought a Blue Moon...but too much smoke and clouds stopped us from having a good view**