Sunday, December 6, 2009

what am i? {hawaii motherhood blogger}

What am i? i am just a mom with a camera...
i always had an interest in photography, but really didnt know how important it was until i had children of my own. I have few photos of my own childhood and often wish i had something to tell me the story about who i was when i was little. What did i dress like? What were some things i liked to do? Who were the important people in my life?

i am by no means a professional photographer, i just use my camera to capture unforgettable moments in daily life, of friends, strangers, and my own family. i use my camera to tell a story. most importantly, i use my camera to record impressions...FootPrints.


  1. But you are on your way to becoming a professional. Can't wait to see more photos from you:)

  2. AlOoOha mama!!! I love the blog!! I know what you mean about only having a few baby pictures of ourselves... I am from Kailua and when we have the flood back in 88... my mom lost many of her family pictures and some of mine... but I was only 3 so not too bad... however, back then was by no means like today with the wonders of saving pix digitally!!

    Anyhow, you go on with your bad self on that camera because we enjoy your pictures!!=)

  3. Came over the your blog from HI Moms Like Me. Welcome to the world of blogging! :)