Friday, December 11, 2009

marred for life {hawaii lifestyle blog}

watching my baby sister walk down the isle was one of the saddest, happiest moments in my life...

she looked so beautiful and elegant, yet to me she will always be the 2 year old who you used pee on me in her sleep. She will always be the 4 year old who wore the same biker shorts for 2 years. She will always be the kindergartner who forged my mom's signature. She will always be the 9 year old who lost half of the skin on her leg when learning to ride a bike. She will always be the 8th grader who dyed her hair orange. She will always be the 12th grader who taught me how to drive. She will always be my little sister.


  1. I am right there with you! Being the Maid of Honor in my little sisters wedding was one of the saddest yet most special days of my life! It amazes me everyday that my little sister is now a wife and an amazing mommy!! I tear up thinking about it!!!

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL picture!! your sister is one gorgeous wahine!!! CONGRATS!!=)