Friday, December 18, 2009

the life i always wanted {hawaii motherhood blog}

while driving stormie to her ballet lesson, i couldn't help but think...she's living the life i always wanted when i was little.

I wanted to drive in a decent car...not one that whistled when you drove it, or one that couldn't reverse, or one that wasn't being pieced together with duct tape.

It's sad to say now, but i was so embarrassed to be poor. i worked very hard to be someone i wasn't. i wanted to take lessons - ballet, girl scouts, piano, gymnastics, ice skating - ANYTHING....but it wasn't something that was in my plan or my budget. I watched the movie Nadia and had the routines completely memorized. and don't tell anyone BUT i'd even perform the balance beam routines on the coffee table.

i'm glad stormie is living the life i always wanted.


  1. I love this Blog Sonya so true. I think we all as Mothers want to give our children the life we always wanted. You are such an AMAZING MOM! Kudos to you lady!

  2. Its also important to let your kids have their own lives. Just make sure they are doing what allows them to grow as individuals as well. Its nice to satisfy our unmet needs as children, but our job is to also nurture them into their own persons. :) Great blog!