Thursday, December 17, 2009

is there anything better? {hawaii family blog}

Is there anything better than giving? i dont think so.

last weekend our church - Grace Bible Kapolei - was able to hand out some food boxes to residents in need in Makakilo. The good thing was, we also had a cotton candy machine to draw their kids in. It was so nice to see the youth of GBCK get excited to give. They had so much pride in helping others and ultimately showing the residents Jesus through them.

My dad has been a constant example of a servant and a giver my whole life. he has taught me that in order to reach people, you must come to them with a servants heart...i hope one day i can be like him.

This is totally lame, but when we were younger, we often got food boxes was always exciting to see what we'd find inside. I remember one year my school was having a food drive and i wanted to bring in canned food so badly, but we hardly had any ourselves, so when no one was looking i'd take a few cans of our "good" canned food and brought it to school. I brought it to school not to be a good person and feed the poor (i was the poor for gods sake) but because i wanted others to know that i had extra food to give away - lame i know...

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