Monday, December 14, 2009

i ain't gonna lie.... {hawaii childrens photography}

i ain't gonna lie...photographing children is my favorite, but it's also the hardest. i took some family photo's of the FeBenito Ohana and out of 271 shots i got ONE good family photo, hence the photo of her feet. I'm thinking next time i bring a crate of squeaky toys and dress like a clown to help keep their attention...and smile.

i love taking unposed pictures of kids...doing things they have fun doing - even if it includes running into the ocean in your nice clothes....

Guess i better do some more studying about Photographing Children


  1. Ha ha, I love children's photography but it's never without some severe anxiety because you never know if and how you're going to get them to look at you sometimes. It certainly has the most rewards though. What a cute little model. I love "feet" photos...I could do them every week. Keep the pictures coming, I love following along.