Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Easter Seals {hawaii foster care blog}

Back when i didnt have kids and would actually do things for other people....i was a volunteer for Easter Seals. I used to go on weekend camping trips, help with teen night, and assist at any event i could. Never in a million years did i think someone in my family would need their services...

All the foster children that we have had, have required their services. Our daughter received services until she was 3. the therapist have made me a better mother, by teaching me techniques to make my kids flourish and be stronger. The therapist at Easter Seals Hawaii are such great teachers and an amazing support.

On Monday we went to their annual Holiday Party sponsored by Matson. Our kids had a blast! They were also treated to a gift, snacks and a visit from Santa.

Thank you Matson for sponsoring such a great organization and for making my kiddies day brighter!! Thank you Easter Seals Hawaii for all your help in building stronger and healthier kids.