Thursday, December 10, 2009

barbie...friend or stripper? {hawaii motherhood blog}

i'm having some major conflict with barbie. Weird question, but have you seen barbie with her clothes off lately? Let me tell you...she has the rack of a stripper. Not to mention the stripper shoes she wears...I was thinking i really didnt want my daughter playing with barbie, and then she said something that sealed the deal....she said "mommy, me and barbie have same same shoes." AAAAHHHHH!!!!

That did it - no more barbies in our home. some how she just doesn't seem appropriate for little girls.


  1. dd has same same clothes??

    I agree with barbie... the marketing has changed as well as the fashion and making of it.
    Then there is the fact that all the clothes and materials are poorly made. My barbie things lasted for years upon years... when today's barbie things break upon opening the box. BOooOO!!!

    However, I have fond memories of playing with barbies and so I allow my kids to play with them. I still can control what I purchase and so that's what I do.

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