Monday, December 21, 2009

addiction is not pretty {hawaii lifestyle blog}

i have never really considered myself to have an addictive personality. there is nothing i have ever been addicted to...i mean sure i've had some flings with slurpee's, michael chang, and martini olives, but it never got to be unhealthy! untill now! you see have i have been addicted to something my whole life and i am just realizing it. a few months ago is when it all began to come out. it all started with a pretty bad ear ache. i went to the doctor, he looked in the ear that wasnt hurting and said "are your ears always this clean?" at first i was a little proud, but soon realized that he wasn't impressed, so i didnt answer. I knew the truth would be the wrong answer. Then he looked in my other ear (the one that hurt like hell) and said "how many times do you clean your ears a week?" here's where my addiction starts taking the path of lies. the TRUTH ..... about 14 time a week. my answer to the doctor.....2 times a week. now he's obviously a doctor because he's a smart man and could tell i wasn't being truthful, and didnt even need to use his super hero powers. he went on this long spill about how wax is good and your ear needs it to be healthy. I know all that....but i have this slight obsession with wax in my ear. if i clean it and there is something on the tip i will continue to scrub it untill it's all clear! I'm a Freak! I know! you dont have to tell me! as do all good children, i am going to blame my addiction to q-tips on my parents. you see in my house, cleaning our ears together is quality family time. if someone got up to get a q-tip, they also brought one out for all members! It would be rude to enjoy all that fun all alone. Damn! as i'm writing this my family sounds weirder and weirder!! to make a very long story short - i COULDN'T quit my addiction...and my ear started hurting again. my husband, the caring man that he is, has hid all q-tips and allots me one every two days (BASTARD). the road to recovery is long and damn hard. It takes everything i have not to start a private stock in my car, or stop at my family's house for a fix. just to make sure i wasn't the only freak in the world i googled "addicted to q-tips" and low and behold there is a whole world of people like me out there!! finally someone else gets me!!

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